April 19, 2022

Disinformation Risk Assessment: The Online News Market in Argentina 2022

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More than 90% of news sites in this study present a medium, high or maximum risk of disinformation.

New research from The Global Disinformation Index provides insights into disinformation risks within Argentina’s online media market. Based on a study of 32 news domains, these findings are the result of the research led by the GDI in collaboration with two independent Argentinian researchers from March through September of 2021. All sites included in the report were informed of their individual scores and risk ratings, to allow for engagement and feedback.

In reviewing the media landscape for Argentina, GDI’s assessment found that: Only two sites in the sample present a minimum risk of disinformation.

These two minimum-risk sites received high scores on the Content pillar indicators, notably for Article bias, Headline accuracy, Negative targeting, Sensational language and Visual presentation. While these two sites performed better than other sites in the study, there is still room for improvement — particularly in the Operations indicators. 

More than 56 percent of sites in GDI’s study present a high or maximum risk of disinformation. These high-risk sites tend to publish articles with a higher degree of bias and sensational language than the medium-risk sites.

More than 90 percent of sites scored poorly on the Operations pillar indicators and disclosed limited information about their funding structure, and about editorial principles and practices, and policies ensuring accuracy and correct attribution.

One of the main challenges for understanding the online news media market in Argentina is the lack of access to data describing both the supply and demand. In particular, there seems to lack transparency regarding the financial details of media companies and disaggregated data on audience behaviour and preferences. Media ownership is hard to trace given that the companies publish little information regarding their total revenues, operating profits, investments in advertising and market shares.

The need for a trustworthy, independent rating of disinformation risk is pressing. This risk-rating framework for Argentina will provide crucial information to policymakers, news websites, and the ad tech industry, enabling key decision-makers to stem the tide of money that incentivises and sustains disinformation.

Read the report for GDI’s full analysis — and to learn more about what newsrooms in Argentina can do to diminish risks of disinforming their readers.

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