November 8, 2022

Elections Integrity: Ad Tech Companies Funding Disinformation Websites

Voters in the United States are heading to the polls and observers around the world are awaiting the results. Given the long and profitable history of election disinformation, GDI has released a new report highlighting the role of ad tech suppliers in funding disinformation related to the U.S. 2022 midterm elections. 

The ad-funded disinformation examples shown in this deck are adversarial towards democratic institutions and seek to undermine the legitimacy of the democratic process of elections. Services supporting this toxic content are often in violation of the ad tech company’s own policy.  In this sample, GDI’s evaluation of ad tech vendors’ policies related to election integrity shows clear policy gaps and inadequate enforcement of existing policies.

This chart shows that of the three ad tech companies spotlighted in this report, only Google has a policy addressing election disinformation. Ad Roll and Yahoo do not.

The examples provided in this deck were captured through monitoring of websites previously rated by GDI as having a high-risk for disinformation. Download the report for more information.

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