January 4, 2023

How is Ad Tech Funding Misogynistic Disinformation?

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) has examined examples of brands that inadvertently fund misogynistic disinformation across news sites. Narratives captured that represent such misogyny include that women are “predisposed to be gentle and quiet,” the feminist movement has “destabilised Western society,” abortion equates to “genocide,” and women belonging in a “domestic caretaker” role, rather than being apart of the workforce. 

The examples provided in this deck were captured through monitoring of websites previously rated by GDI as being at high risk for disinformation. Such sites are manually assessed by our team using our adversarial narrative conflict framework to determine disinformation risk. Ad tech companies that fund these stories include Amazon, Google, and Criteo, all of which have specific publisher policies with the purpose of preventing their advertisements away from hateful or discriminatory content. 

This chart shows that all the ad tech companies found to be serving ads to misogynistic disinformation have policies against this type of content. The companies spotlighted here are: Google, Criteo, and Amazon Ads.

Learn more about this project by downloading the full report.

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