December 20, 2021

The Global Disinformation Index and NELEŽ (Get Real) Partner to Combat Advertising-Funded Disinformation

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) and NELEŽ have partnered to support each other’s efforts to defund online sources of disinformation. Both non-profit organisations seek to identify the most egregious digital publishers of disinformation and disrupt their advertising-funded business models by encouraging brands, suppliers and ad tech vendors to blocklist them. By providing disinformation risk ratings of news publishers GDI and NELEŽ aim to equip the digital advertising industry with the data required to ensure disinformation websites are unable to inadvertently profit from misplaced ads. 

Partnering with NELEŽ allows GDI to expand its risk rating capabilities across the Czech market and further safeguard its European licensees from exposure to disinformation. NELEŽ is the biggest initiative in the CEE region with more than 200 brands declaring non-financing of disinformation websites by their advertising.

“GDI’s is proud to partner with NELEŽ. Our shared work provides advertisers critical insights from around the world needed to cut funding flows to disinformation sites,” said. Dr. Daniel Rogers, GDI Co-founder and CTO. 

“We are happy and proud to partner with GDI,” said Roman Číhalík, Co-founder and Creative Director of NELEŽ.  “This step moves our activity to the international stage. We believe together we can double effect our impact and we will be able to help brands be more safe online globally.”

This partnership allows both organizations to knowledge-share and coordinate their efforts working with brands, agencies and suppliers to defund more sources of disinformation.

About NELEŽ: 

NELEŽ (GET REAL) is a Czech Republic based non-profit founded in February 2020 to combat online disinformation. NELEŽ aims to convince brands and ad tech companies to stop advertising on disinformation websites and thus cut them off their funding for further activities. The activities of the association are apolitical and its members work without remuneration. NELEŽ wants to create a new long-term ethical norm, which will be achieved by defunding advertising-funded disinformation websites. To date, more than 160 local and international, private and public companies have committed to set up their systems to keep their advertising off websites identified by NELEŽ as disinformation. These include the largest online advertisers in (the) Czech Republic including Alza, Sazka, Tipsport and Kaufland. The association is also supported by 30 communications agencies and four media agencies. 

For more information, visit

About GDI: 

The Global Disinformation Index is a UK-based not-for-profit that operates on the three principles of neutrality, independence and transparency. Our vision is a world free from disinformation and its harms. Our mission is to catalyse industry and government to defund disinformation. We provide disinformation risk ratings of the world’s news media sites.For more information, visit

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