March 14, 2022

Chalice partners with the Global Disinformation Index to safeguard advertisers from disinformation

Chalice Custom Algorithms, a cutting edge company providing custom algorithms for marketers, has announced a new partnership with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI).  

This exciting collaboration makes Chalice the first programmatic ad buying platform to announce a partnership with GDI to tackle ad-funded disinformation.

Programmatic buying can often be opaque, increasing the risk of misplaced ads funding content not aligned with brand values. Through this partnership, Chalice is going beyond existing brand safety controls and industry standards to protect its clients from damaging disinformation content. 

GDI estimates that at least $235m of annual programmatic ad spend ends up funding known sources of disinformation. By integrating GDI’s data into its buying processes, Chalice is helping to defund the most egregious and pernicious disinformation publishers and actors.

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the current humanitarian and information crisis unfolding in Ukraine, the harms of disinformation don’t stay online. They have consequences for our communities, our democracy and our future. Chalice recognizes the shared responsibility of improving and safeguarding information ecosystems. 

“Every marketer should do whatever they can to avoid funding disinformation. Customers choose custom algorithms because they want a higher standard for their ad buying, and control over where an ad shows up is fundamental to that. GDI’s dynamic approach enables Chalice to build protections into our real-time decisioning,” said Adam Heimlich, CEO of Chalice. “For Chalice, this impactful partnership goes beyond making a smart business decision. It serves as an expression of our core values.”

“Programmatic buying continues to represent one of the easiest sources of funding for disinformation peddlers. As we see the acceleration of adversarial narratives threaten everything from public health to national sovereignty, so the need for industry change grows. We welcome Chalice’s commitment to ensuring that those peddling disinformation are unable to profit from misplaced digital ads. The integration of our data puts Chalice at the forefront of responsible digital ad buying practices,” said GDI Co-Founder and Executive Director Dr. Daniel Rogers. 

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About the Global Disinformation Index 

The Global Disinformation Index is a UK-based not-for-profit that operates on the three principles of neutrality, independence and transparency. Our vision is a world free from disinformation and its harms. Our mission is to catalyse industry and government to defund disinformation. We provide disinformation risk ratings of the world’s news media sites. For more information, visit 

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