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GDI’s work focuses on three primary areas. First is our neutral, independent, transparent index of a website’s risk of disinforming readers. We employ cutting edge artificial intelligence combined with thorough analyses of journalistic practice to best serve and inform advertisers, the ad tech industry, search and social media companies, and researchers.

Second is our independent, non-profit open source intelligence (OSINT) hub, which tracks disinformation and extremism across platforms online. We serve a broad array of governments, NGOs, online platforms and media.

Third is our policy team that provides data and research to support policy makers in governments, regulatory bodies and platforms around the world.

Dynamic Exclusion List

The core output of the Disinformation Index is our Dynamic Exclusion List (DEL) of global news publications rated high risk for disinformation. The DEL contains the worst offending websites and apps across multiple countries and languages and is continually updated to capture new disinformation sources and narratives. Ad tech companies and platforms can license GDI data to defund and downrank these worst offenders, thus disrupting the ad-funded disinformation business model.

Media Buying Audits

GDI’s Media Buying Audits provide in-depth analysis of a brand’s media buying strategy and assess the level of exposure to disinformation. The audits provide advertisers with metrics and qualitative analysis of advertising placements and include actionable recommendations tailored to brand values and corporate social responsibility goals.

Publisher Vetting

Ad exchanges and supply-side platforms can use GDI data to screen properties for disinformation risk at scale. Inventory quality teams can access the website, article and app-level risk ratings to inform publisher onboarding and identify potential policy violations.

Media Market Analysis

To complement our artificial intelligence, GDI performs in-depth journalistic integrity assessments of high-profile media outlets in most major media markets using a transparent methodology compatible with the Journalism Trust Initiative’s international standard. With coverage of nearly two dozen — and growing — of the world’s most impactful media markets, we index both the highest-risk and the lowest-risk media in each country. Find our individual country reports here.

Intelligence Capabilities

GDI’s open source intelligence hub performs cross-platform OSINT tracking of disinformation and extremism online. Primarily serving GDI’s internal needs, this hub leverages both GDI’s internal resources and our network of global partners to provide intelligence on emerging disinformation threats to a broad array of governments, NGOs, online platforms and the media. Contact us to learn more about GDI’s disinformation intelligence capabilities.

Policy and Advocacy

We view disinformation as a byproduct of the attention-driven business models that power today’s internet. Disinformation is a global problem not contained by borders. Governments and policymakers around the world have a role to play in regulating and reforming the ad tech industry to counter disinformation and its harms. GDI provides access to our data and research to policy makers in government and elsewhere.

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